A unique glass designed
for sensory tasting

A piece of tableware blown in borosilicate glass by an expert Italian craftsman.

Try Camere Olfattive with an aged balsamic vinegar, few drops of flavourful oil, wine, whisky or coffee.
You’ll discover an universe of odours thanks to the morphology of the bubble glass. 

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Camere Olfattive

How to use it

Reactivate all your senses. Smell first and taste the chosen ingredient in the end.
By turning the Camere Olfattive upside down you can easily pour the liquid onto your dish, or directly into your mouth.

Camere Olfattive's designer Astrid Luglio

The Designer

Astrid Luglio describes her work as constant research about rituals and experiences around the table.

Camere Olfattive

The packaging

This limited edition includes bespoke packaging inspired by food stains left on the tablecloth after a meal.
Packaging Design created by Ester Bianchi.

You won’t need to be an expert to identify the aromatic bouquet of high quality ingredients.

Camere Olfattive amplifies the liquids poured into it, while the opening allows a unique olfactory experience, paired with a tasting spout. 

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